Difference between MBA and eMBA

Difference between MBA and eMBA

There are plenty of MBA courses offered in our country and even abroad like MBA in different specialization such as Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, IT etc. and this list also includes eMBA in same specializations.

Have you ever precisely thought about the distinction between MBA & eMBA?

Numbers of aspiring students, professionals are unable to answer this question.

Let’s study the distinguishing factor between the two.

As we all know, MBA simply stands for Maters in Business Administration but when it comes to eMBA, it is the abbreviation of EXECUTIVE Masters in Business Administration which is commonly misconceived to be a superior form of MBA study. And the fact is that they both are presented in a completely different way but the two terms are virtually equal in stature or influence they do present.

The basic difference is that eMBA applicants are usually working professional and possess or holds some work experience. eMBA is made for those working professionals who generally carry a tag of 3-15 years of experience and are now desirous to excel in different functions or wanted to grab more knowledge about their work.

eMBA can be a full time residential program or is a part time study course also in that usually classes are conducted in the evenings or on weekends. But thanks to technology and online world, the learning of eMBA can be done anytime and anywhere considering the pivotal aspects of life and not sacrificing the job routine.

Considering the cost and sponsorship of the two; MBA is a complete self-financed course though many scholarships are offered to the students through private institutions. While on the other hand, eMBAs commenced with a financial support from the organisation in which the professionals work but the recent trend had tilted towards self-funded EMBAs. But in case of eMBAs executives are earning full time salary and even some scholarships which make the burden of cost less heavy. Although in both cases Education Loan is provided by certain Banks.

So on comparing the two aspects we can simply conclude both MBA & eMBA has a distinctive significance while eMBA plays a pivotal role in the careers of working professionals who aspire to bring a developmental change in their work lifestyles and aims at achieving a bigger goal.

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