1 Year Certificate Program from Top B Schools V/S Distance MBAs

1 Year Certificate Program from Top B Schools V/S Distance MBAs

Opportunities are many but one makes the best choices for oneself according to one’s needs, liberty, desires & ambition.

Talking in terms of imbibing of knowledge, a dilemma arises especially for those who desire to work at an early phase of life or those who  have been working and wanted to excel in their work, and the cause of confusion is making a choice between MBA on distance learning mode or attaining a specialization certificate .

Every aspect of life has its own pros and cons but one should go with the alternative which has minimum limitations and abundant advantages.

Let’s discuss the two in detail.

1 year certificate programs from Top B Schools- These programs are designed to provide a comprehensive knowledge over a specific area or a subject covering various dimensions with a definite number of classes to the students. These programs can be residential or VIRTUAL interactive online program. Since we are comparing it with distance MBA, Lets discuss Virtual Programs. These one year programs are concentrated on different subjects such as General Management, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, IT Management, Data Analytics, Business Management and many more. The content is always updated and we can bank upon the quality and market value as it is from TOP B Schools of our Indian territory that holds Global recognition also. Also these programs are based on feedback from leading CEO’S and reputed employers on the effectiveness of the standard of MBA curriculum, fully integrating the teaching of interpersonal skills and practical business application. It involves quite less investment in comparison to residential program and one can do it while being on job. This sort of certificate programs are best for those who desire to achieve mastery in their arena within a minimum period of time and wanted to excel their job profile with a handsome pay cheque at a quick pace. It allows those who have clear career goals and who are in a hurry to develop and grow faster in the corporate world.

Let’s turn the pages and have a glance at distance MBA.

Distance MBA- In the phase of technological development distance learning is a cakewalk. It is made for those who are not always able to or willing to join physically in the educational institutions. Besides this, the investment made in distance MBA is less when compared to 1 year programmes of top B Schools which makes it a preference for some of the potential applicants.

It is the best way to get relieved from the time constraints and the routine study schedules which makes the learning somehow monotonous and burdensome. As each coin has two sides, likewise distance MBA too has some loopholes and the very common is lack of provision of classes and discipline. Usually there are none or a weekend class is offered which makes it difficult for the applicant to clear the queries and related doubts. There is a gap between the course material and its explanation which makes learning a slow process. Moreover distance MBA does not hold a powerful status that can be easily acceptable in the workplaces one desires to work at.

As said earlier, options and opportunities are many but one chooses according to their needs and ambitions.

Refer to THE TOP B SCHOOL where the doors are open for both these alternatives and where one can enter into the best known institutions of India i.e. IIM AhmedebadIIM CalcuttaXLRI JamshedpurIIMKozhikodeIIM Rohtak, and many more in the row where the faculty is highly skilled and adept.

It is a platform which creates a professional network during courses and offers only limited seats like 200 at the most in a single batch making it a niche batch.

The certificates provided after the course are of utmost value and holds a power to get you a reputable job and its acceptance is quite high as these are authorized and authenticated by the best top b schools of India as mentioned above.